Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What's New at Tinkerer's Paradise

It's been a while since I've posted but I wont' bore you with apologies or rationalizing why I was away.  But I do want to catch you up on a couple things.

Freezing cold and snow, is this Portland?
First the weather, and boy aren't we all having weather this year.  From snow in southern states to snow that just keeps coming with more cold and snow in the eastern US and one of the longest snow events I can remember in recent history here in Portland and cold...BRRRR!  It was also really dry here from the from October until this month, October being the beginning of our rain calendar. 

Then yesterday we had a rare six hour windstorm that hit over night with 45 mile gusts that started off with a bang taking the roofing right off our house and kept on roaring all night long!  Thankfully the damage wasn't too bad and easily repaired.  One woman here crawled out from under the tree that toppled onto her bedroom where she had been asleep.  The stories could just go on and on.  Today we are making ready for another blast this afternoon.  Guess I better get done here and get my errands run this morning before it hits.

Ben making roof repairs after yesterday's storm.
God has been so faithful and brought answers to prayer after years of wanting help and direction.  He wastes nothing and timing is everything in His economy so I am glad glad glad! They began with my being accepted as a patient to School of Physical Therapy at Pacific University.  I've not had insurance to pay for such help and am so totally blessed by the help I've been given there, its a great school too if you are interested in this field.  My therapist, Jeremy Hilliard, has been such a gift of help and encouragement to me.  As a part of my therapy he wanted me to start using equipment that I didn't have forced me to join a gym.  Yeah I know, me a gym rat?  I'm still chuckling about this one but I love it and it challenges me to keep going.

Crunch Gym, which is in my neighborhood is where I'm going.  When I signed up I decided to try out their physical training and had three sessions.  Scott M. worked with me as my trainer and so full of information and help I really want to continue working with him and hope to figure out how to finance those sessions soon.  Everyone there is really friendly and sincerely encouraging which makes it even nicer going.  If I'm not having the best day I can count on someone lifting my mood and feel better just knowing I made it there to do what I need to for my own health.  This may not seem like a big deal to some of you but I've been so bound by the pain and weakness for so many years now this is like a dream come true.

A little winter sowing as the snow began to fly, just a little.
I'm so encouraged and getting stronger and more hopeful every day.  Finally I am beginning to seeing a future that is more than sitting in this chair on my laptop.  Finally I am beginning to able to keep my house myself and have more hope.  It's been a long time coming. 

So right now my challenge is to discern which thoughts are true and which are not regarding my injury and to learn just how I am to do things.  My guess is I'll learn to do things the way I should have been doing them all along.  I need to learn to do things a better way because things are different for me know than when I was 35 too. The biggest thing is learning to keep myself in check and not go running off doing more than I should or being careless in how I do something.  This will be fun especially when I feel a bit like a race horse behind the starting gate wanting to shoot out onto the track.  But I'm determined to take it one day at a time, one step at a time and do some real solid work on thinking about why and how I am doing things.

As far as the garden goes this year, I'm working on a garden work party to begin renovation.  I'm praying the heavy rain we are having will stop long enough to dry the now sopping wet soil out so we can get some work accomplished.  So yes, I'm busy laying plans for how to renovate the front yard which is so overgrown with weeds and sadly in need of it too.  Here's a link to the video I posted about what I am feeling about the garden right and the need here.  Garden Tour Video

Just so you know I am very excited, a little sad yes but filled with anticipation about the coming changes.  I'm finally and honestly saying goodbye to past things, letting go of some things I really loved doing and moving on to what God has for me next.  Gardening may or may not be a part of that picture, but whatever it is I'm sure I'll be blessed and so will others.

Here's to bright tomorrows!

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