Thursday, December 10, 2009


The day around here starts early for me. The street we live on is a constant hum-to-roar of traffic from 6am to well into the evening, making precious the quiet of early morning.

Rising early affords a person the opportunity to watch the the morning sky blush and flair with the touch of the sun's light as it makes its entrance upon the eastern horizon. It is that time before the the pressures of the day impinge upon a person's mind providing opportunity for prayer, meditative Bible reading and time to enjoy a cup of coffee without interruption. It is that time when the heart can be poured out, the ear open without distraction. For me it is that daily space reserved for time with my God and it is guarded jealously.

With each sunrise comes mercy new, by Him who set the bow in the sky and set the sun on its course.

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  1. Patty, I love how you write and describe your morning and time with the Lord. The photos are beautiful and so colorful! Love, Lorna