Sunday, January 10, 2010

You Never Know

How or why do people write short snippets?  In reality I have trouble doing that, writing brief things.  Guess my mind finds so much in things that sometimes there is just no other way to communicate but in a long dissertation on what I've discovered.  So I was wondering...does it really matter to the reader?  Does it keep folks from reading something?  Maybe.  Maybe because we are all limited on the time we are able to spend because there are so many people writing blogs and so much information on the internet.

There are times when one word spoken at the right time has sent my mind and heart into orbit.  Other times it comes in the reading of an entire book or an article in some publication.  So I'm thinking it really doesn't matter.  What matters is that we are listening, paying attention.  It matters that we do share what we learn, our life experiences.  Share them in the short or the long.

The little bee on the fencepost pictured above is one of those things that makes me smile, lets me know that there are happy things in life when life gets gloomy.  It always makes me smile to see these little guys.  I put them on the gates and on every fencepost because they do so much even though they are very small.  Just one of those goofy things.  Who knew something like this would make a difference.  But they are a reminder to me.  I like and need reminders...especially when things get crazy.

I often wonder how many people read my blog.  I'm sure there are some who don't sign on as followers and the only way I hear is on Facebook or via email or other conversation.  It appeals to my flesh to know that people are reading it.  It encourages me too.  I also wonder who will find it interesting or inspiring or helpful or just plain entertaining.  Oh well...just my thoughts.

Hope your day is filled with interesting and inspiring things...if not...maybe you will be the one encouraging or inspiring others.  You never know...and neither do I.   May it be so for us both today and everyday even in some small brief way.

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