Monday, October 25, 2010

Me a Reporter!?!

A few weeks back a national magazine posted a call on their facebook page for bloggers who might be interested in writing for their publication, asking that we post a link so they could check them out and see if anyone fit the pun intended.  What happened when I saw the call sort of defies definition except to say I just knew I was supposed post the link to my blog...that this was my opportunity.  I cannot explain it any other way, I knew this door was something I was supposed to walk up and knock on.
""There is an appointed time for everything." Ecc 3:1

Friday I received an email from them saying they needed a bit more info and would be making a decision very soon.  So I was left to wonder all weekend what would happen.  I did alright until this morning when I could feel my muscles tense with anticipation and found myself checking my mailbox more than normal in hopes finding their email with the final decision in it.

Somewhere around 8:30 am my time I took one more look in the ol' email inbox and there it was...from the senior editor...I GOT THE JOB!   Its not a lot of money, it is actually quite a humble paycheck but it will be fun, I will be challenged to keep learning which I love, answer people's questions which I love to do and I will have a perfect excuse to watch birds.  Oh and of course I'll get to write about a favorite subject and get paid to do so!  WOW! I am crazy excited, full of good tension and my brain is going a hundred miles a second on what comes next.  Probably a good time to sit down and write up a list of things I need to accomplish.

I wonder how well I will do, where this may take me in the future, what connections I will garner through this work and how long I will be doing it.  God only knows so I'm putting my hand in His and walking out into this strange and exciting adventure, dedicating each step to Him and giving Him thanks for a wonderful opportunity. 
For the ways of a man are before the eyes of the Lord and He watches over all His paths.  Proverbs 5:21

So in January when you pick up a copy of "Birds and Blooms" magazine, look for me in the regional reports section.  I will be writing blog postings for them starting in January also.

Have a blessed day,

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