Thursday, December 22, 2011

'Tis the Week Before Christmas

'Tis the week before Christmas
And all through the house,
Nothing looks different
not inside or out.
The stockings and tinsel are still in the bins,
No goodies are ready to fill the gift tins.
No presents are wrapped though simple they'll be,
No lights are a twinkling
And oh there's no tree.
 So what is the matter?
Why so curmudgeon?
Why did no cookies get baked in that oven?

Sometimes life gets crazy,
Sometimes its just big,
Some times are just harder
And spirits wear thin.
But even when seasons are not quite so jolly,
Our hearts they are filled with the first Christmas story.
When there in a manger the savior was laid,
Born of a virgin that first Christmas day.

And when all of the rest is not quite up to snuff,
We find ourselves left with what really is most
Of love that breathed life
And hope born of love
That God sent His son to earth from above.
You see its not really the things that we have,
Not presents, nor trees,
Nor turkey or ham.
Its much more than the trimmings
And wrapping and bows,
Its much more than carols
Sung as it snows.
Just past what you don't see,
Look and you'll find,
that though there's no tinsel,
No tree and no lights,
Our hearts they are filled
From inside to out.
And yes it is Christmas,
And by this there's no doubt.

Merry Christmas Everyone and may God bless.

 Romans 3:20-23

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  1. Beautiful...absolutely beautiful. It really isn't about the stuff. And since we don't have much here in our new home it is clear where God wants our focus this year.

    thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Alida, I'm glad you enjoyed the poem's message. It is so common how often we think we don't have what we need to celebrate the holiday and yet we have everything we have ever needed. It is all in our perspective of what the holiday truly is about.