Thursday, July 21, 2011

Salad Never Looked So Pretty

After my classes yesterday I headed straight out to my garden where I checked in on our spuds, tomatoes and garlic, picked a few Sugar Snap Peas and a whole array of yummy things for our evening salad.  As I washed it all and piled it in the bowl I couldn't help but sigh at this beautiful sight.

About the prettiest mix I think I've ever gathered.
This salad consists of fragrant soft yellow Daylily blooms, sweet blue Borage and bright gold Nasturtium flowers, ruddy red Bijou and delicate Salad Bowl lettuce, baby Scotch Blue Kale leaves and Mizuna mustard.  I topped the salad with fresh basil and parsley which were chopped fine and sprinkled atop the other ingredients just prior to dressing,.  All it needed was a drizzle of olive oil, good quality Basalmic Vinegar, some fresh ground pepper and a pinch of sea salt if desired.  What a delight to be able to grow such beautiful things as a feast not only for the eyes but the dinner table as of this gardeners favorite rewards.


  1. Beautiful salad. I love all of the many different things in my salad as well. I'm sure you enjoyed it. :-)

  2. I am often amazed at the beautiful array of things we can grow and feast upon. So many people miss out on the joy of eating homegrown. All those colors must have made a salad to remember.

  3. Wow Patty, that is just *almost* too pretty to eat! I hope you enjoyed it :)

  4. Thank you Rhonda. It is always a little hard to make a mess of something so pretty but it was so good I am thankful I don't let my eyes have the last word on things like this.