Sunday, November 6, 2011

This Fall Day's Walk

Walking into delight

How can I put into words the beauty of this day?  The trees caught fire?  The leaves shone like sunlight through stained glass?  It sounds so pale in comparison to the experience I had of walking amid the trees today.

Rose and evergreen above my head

Back lit leaves at my feet

Tawny leather leaves of the grand Oaks

To walk beneath them, to peer into their peer through their canopies!  To feel small beneath their took my breath away.

Amber plays with green

To try and put it the experience into words would be to do it an injustice, at least at this point.  It did inspire verse that I hope will give birth to a poem.  With all of that said, here is a snapshot of the siren song that wooed me into the company of the trees.

The view above is amazing!

Then a curious squirrel in the branches

Bright sentinels between park and field

Geese have arrived to forage

Long shadows stretch across the lawn

Fall rain pools, an invite to waterfowl and wildlife

My breath is taken away

I want to stay here forever

The trees share their color with the sod

I am happy to be deep in them

And sad that it is time to go back home

One last sweetness to remember this day

How wondrous this creation we live in, the delights are countless...if we will just take the time to look.

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