Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Greeting the Morning Moon

Wait don't go Moon

Most mornings before as my husband heads out the door to go to work I am right in front of him; my van is parked in front of his in our driveway and needs to be parked on the street so he can get out.  Yesterday morning as I scurried back in from the cold I noticed the full moon as it made its appearance in the western sky behind our house.  Thin clouds glowing lovingly around it, stately Douglas fir, willowy bare branches and stately shrubs stood silhouetted in it's light;  I ran to get my camera.

It isn't often that such scenes capture my attention or that I get to see them at all since it does tend to rain here this time of year normally.  But this year is dryer and this moon, a full moon, was saying her goodbyes like a beautiful visitor, the earth and sky around her attending to her parting.  I only wish I could have gotten a better photo of it.  I was hampered by the chill and was shaking a bit but managed to get a couple good shots. This is my favorite.  Oh and I forgot to mention...the little verse I was inspired to write...yes it even made me wax poetic.

~ Enjoy ~

Morning Moon
How amazing this morning's sky,
Full moon lingers lighting the clouds
Birthing silhouettes of emerging landscape
A perfect frame for such a portrait
Just as the dark of night lingers
Before the dawning light of the sun
All gloriously painted by the hand of my God.
~Patty Hicks~

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