Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Attached Raised Bed Trellis

Beans on the pipe trellis

If you grow veggies in raised beds and need a trellis idea here is one my hubby came up with.  The pipe is from a chain-link fence we tore down a few years ago so the only thing we had to purchase were the 4 pipe brackets, 2 elbow connectors and 2 eye-bolts so we could tighten the wire which the hubs found in the garage.

Here is how we attached things at the base

Elbow connectors come in so handy at times like these.

I cut several pieces of bailing twine, 2 times the height of the trellis plus 12" or so, tying one end of each piece to the wire at the bottom.  My boxes are sturdy enough to climb on so I hope up on one corner with the lose ends in my hand and wrap each piece of twine around the top bar once (see image above), spacing them evenly as I go.  Once that is done I secured the other end to the wire also.

Tie string to the wire to secure.

I have found that if you don't wrap them all the way around the top pipe they will shift more as the wind blows.  You may find you have to adjust the tension at the top some so they are tight when you are done tying them.  You could also use netting instead of twine but the twine is inexpensive so that is what I use.

The only thing that would make this trellis even better is to have the hubs construct a frame that I could just hang on this structure so I don't have to do so much hopping up and down.  Maybe I'll get him on that this spring.  Oh and by the way, this trellis is easily moved or removed and breaks down nicely if we need to store it.  And since the pipe was reclaimed from our fence the cost was minimal to us.

Happy Gardening!

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  1. Nice job. Looks good and sturdy and it didn't cost much! Even better.

  2. Thanks Julie. It is very sturdy...and so simple anyone could build it.