Monday, July 23, 2012

Corn Shucking Magic...Really it is!

Magic about to happen

Doesn't fresh corn on the cob just give you warm fuzzy memories of shucking corn for Mom to cook up on a summer's day?  My own corn memories also include "Corn Day".  Corn Day was annual gathering together with house mates around a pull behind trailer filled with fresh picked corn.  Then there were the corn shucking races, batting at yellow jackets, corn jokes, corn with lots of butter for lunch and more corn jokes and those wonderful bags of fresh frozen corn that were worth every minute of the day long labor that we feasted on all winter long  (Yum.) 

There is one memory though that I am am pretty sure is not a favorite for anyone...fighting to get the silks off the ears.  Oh how I used to wish there was some magic way make them disappear during "Corn day".  Actually my wish came true this year through a pin I saw on Pinterest and since I am trying to actually use at least part of what I pin so I gave it a try.  Well actually that's a lie.  The real reason I tried it was because I could not believe it was going to be that easy.  Boy was I in for a surprise.

The original post said to cook one ear for 5 minutes and then cut one inch off the bottom of the cob after the corn is cooked.  Just so you know, trying to cut a corn cob before it is cooked is like trying to cut a tree branch with a table knife. I decided to pre-cut my corn where the bottom end of the cob would be cut off only going in as far as I could without hurting my hand and before I had a major accident with my chef's knife and then removed a few of the outer husks.  Then the corn was microwaved 7 minutes for 2 ears, turning them over half way through.  (Not all microwaves are made alike and mine is a commercial unit that is high powered so your corn may need more time.)

Husks are scored through before cooking

One sure to use hot pads when handling the cooked ears, they'll be steaming and very hot.

Slices nice as pie

With the bottom end cut off it was time to watch the magic so I grabbed the silk end of the corn and shook it releasing my beautiful corn-on-the-cob onto the plate.

This really can't be that easy or can it?
TA DAAA!  Isn't that just amazing?  No I'm not fibbing this really does work like magic.

Wowwie zowwie, would you look at that!

So now you can wow your friends and neighbors at your next barbeque.  Have fun! 

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  1. WOW! Thanks for sharing! We will be eating more fresh corn on the cob now!