Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Day Garden Tour

Whoa....Spring is here finally...YAY!    Yup...I am sick of winter and this winter wasn't even that bad here.  I am so excited I had to go grab the camera.  Come on, lets go see what is happenin' in my garden!  Oh and bring a cup of coffee...its chilly out and this might take a few minutes.

Licorice flavored very pretty leaves

Yumminess is happening in the back yard...and some flowers too but I'm hungry so where is that kale?

This buds for you...yummy!

Hey this isn't cheating, they are doing the sowing not me

I am not an addict...I am not an addict
Garden shame...we all have's mine.  That bunch of pots...all the stuff I bought and never got planted and some that I dug up...and never got replanted. 

Last year's Pansies thriving and blooming again

Lets see what the Prims are doing....(moving a chair)...LOOK!

A plant from my past as a propagator

Wanda never disappoints and is so easy to grow

Let me show you a weed over here that you don't want going to seed...Galium, or Cleavers as a lot of folks call it.  The seeds are like velcro and it sticks to everything...especially sock, cat's tails and curly haired dogs.  It is a useful plant but just don't let it get out of control.  I call it Velcro weed because the leaves and stems have little hooks on them.

Oh and one more...yup...Labrador goes everywhere...pretty and pretty invasive, at least in my garden.

Oh look...LETTUCE SEEDLINGS!  Nope...they are from last year's seed.  They wintered over so now I will have fresh lettuce without sowing a thing this year.  (I am right on task with my no seed sowing aren't you proud of me?)

Lets to out to the we go down the side yard...oh look at violets...I love violets.

I like getting up close and personal with my plants

If I ever am without this next plant I will be sad...David Ward is a man from my a plant from my past.  I adore this plant.  Those leaves lighten up the shade and the flowers are such a sweet salmon pink.  Be still my beating heart!

Another plant from my past

Historically favorites in the garden

Oh no...more garden shame...actually it's not really shame its just the garden being itself.  That's what happens when you can no longer whip it into submission. (lol)  Sword Fern, Carex, Scilla and Orris root all fighting for land rights.  I wonder who will win?  Oh and yes I made the hyper tuffa planter.  Nice moss huh?

"Out of my way." "NO out of MY way!" (You mean you can't hear that?)
You gotta see this Hellabore...its just the sweetest little she is.

The sweetest seedling in the garden.

Well here we are at the front porch...yeah the Ribes is pretty isn't it.  The humming birds just go nuts over those ruby red flowers.  I like it because it blooms over my birthday...oh and we really needed something against this white wall and this worked great.

Thank you for taking the time to humor me and take a look at my garden.  It's funny writing this post because I am really doing nothing in the garden but letting it do it's own thing...proof that there is still beauty to be had when things are taken out of your control and that different doesn't necessarily mean's just different.

~Happy Spring and Happy Gardening ~

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