Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Salad Bowl Gardens Finale

Its time!  Wow...that went fast.  Its 6:00 AM the morning of the big fundraiser at Birch Community Services and I cannot wait to see how the salad bowl gardens look on the tables.

Yesterday evening I packed the floors of my van with the 22 bowls in all their succulent beauty and shuttled them off to the warehouse where we loaded them onto a cart handling them like bouquets of flowers.  They had to look their best as they were after all to be the "centerpiece" on the tables.

There were a lot of comments made about how wonderful, beautiful and yummy they looked.  This project was so fun and simple I really must do this at home for myself and for gifts.

( looks like my helper is trying to figure out which one to sneak a leaf from.).


Soon these garden bowls will grace someones home and their leaves, their plates.  That is a happy thought!  Well, I'm off to get myself ready for the big event and looking forward to eating breakfast someone else cooked.  Stay tuned for the final reveal pictures.

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