Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Salad Bowl Project: Part 2

Just in case you are following the salad bowl planter project, here's the latest on of how these mini gardens are doing.  This is turning out to be such a fun project I can't wait to see what they will look like on the tables at our fundraiser this Thursday.  They are growing really fast and well in the weather we have been having this spring.  Weather is always a gamble in the garden.

I have had a couple heart stopping moments when there was a threat of hail heading our directing.  Thus these bamboo hoops you see here, actually a bamboo 3-part trellis thingie that I re-purposed and quickly put in place so I could cover the plants easily when these threats appeared on the horizon. Fortunately both threats turn into a vapor and my anxiety into a sigh of relief.

Planting up bowls of different lettuce varieties is a really good way to get an up-close lesson on what the growth rate and habits are of the different lettuces.  I am totally smitten by lettuces and am always trying at least one or more new found varieties each year.  How can a gardener resist those gorgeous succulent leaves in such amazing colors and textures?  Well I cannot that's for sure.  Can you blame me?

What's your favorite lettuce variety?

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