Saturday, May 28, 2011

In My Rain Soaked Garden

Well, its Rose Festival time here in Portland and as is normal we are getting rain.  Its not constant but it is wetting the ground good.  The odd thing that is happening this year is the roses are not even open yet and normally they are gorgeous by now.  Can't blame them a bit, its been cold, wet and gray all spring and they probably decided to pull the covers over their little flower buds a little tighter and sleep in like the rest of us when it's like this.

Yesterday I grabbed some shots of the garden after an early morning shower and wanted to share them with you.  Come on, lets take a walk around my yard.

Never had these growing on Whiskey barrels ever until this past summer.  What a bounty of fungus!

With morning moisture the mushrooms are so happy.
If I let the rain stop me I'll never get all my containers planted up.
Pink Peonia with her ants being very busy.
Native Fringe Flower and Mourning Widow Geranium loving the moist coolness.
Potatoes are thriving and I don't have to water them yet.
Florence Fennel and Chard are just fine too.

Calycanthus 'Micheal Lindsay' gleams in the early morning sunlight

The giant Douglas Firs kept the Golden Sweet Bay dry.

Staghorn Sumac with her beautiful stems blushing in the early morning light.

Blue Dutch Iris almost seem to be filled with teardrops here.

My favorite lavender picotee Bearded Iris dressed with raindrop pearls and looking stunning.

Blooms begin to appear every day now on different plants.

Its a good thing to visit the garden every day.  You might find a flower blooming that you thought you lost.


  1. Thanks for the tour- I love your garden, even with the wet spring. My potatoes are thriving too, my husband siad it's because it's been an 'Irish Spring' - more moderate temps and wet- they love it!

  2. Your garden is gorgeous, thank you for sharing it with us!
    I throughly enjoyed the pics!

  3. Thank you so much for the tour... I just love seeing your garden and all of the life there.


  4. Thank you for your kindness. It is a joy to share the things I am blessed with. And it seems that your husband is right GJ...those potatoes are loving this weather.

  5. Thanks Patty,
    It's a real treat to get to see your gardens and what you have going on.

  6. Thanks everyone for coming to visit my garden. Be sure to share it with your garden pals. =-)

  7. Your garden is beautiful, Patty, even and sometimes especially in the rain. Those little 'shrooms in the second picture look right at home there. Thank you so much for sharing with us!