Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Spring is Springin'

Lord help me, I think I’m gonna have to squeal like a schoolgirl I’m so happy!  Spring is springin’ finally!!!  I can tell because the seeds say it all and I am never more excited about any garden chore results than with the emergence of my little baby plants.  Spring is springin’….

In our sunny kitchen window
Hope springs forth quickly with cucumber

In my vegetable garden
Stirring up hope with carrot babies
At the front porch
Lettuce be hopeful

Out front on the walkway
Ain't nothin in the world like homegrown tomatoes

So if you need to beat the doldrums of lingering cold weather try sowing some seeds of your own and maybe, just maybe, Spring will spring up at your home too.


  1. Love it!! Patty, your posts always make me smile!! i have a dwarf sunflower coming up that my daughter planted :)

  2. Hi Patty,
    Your new header is beautiful ! great photo, what camera do you use?
    I too get sooo excited when I see the little mound of soil being pushed aside for that big push of life...sometimes I even try to help, lol
    when the soil clings onto the seed! Its amazing anything survives with my excitement!

  3. LOL, after a quick look at that first tag, I thought it said lemon cake. Shows where my mind is at. Too bad we can't grow cake in the garden.

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  5. Nettie...Then I have done my job! Glad you enjoyed it.

  6. Karen,
    Thank you for the kind comments. I'm glad you like the new header, it needed freshening up. As far as my camera...I use a clunky old Sony Mavica (2.0 MP) that has its limitations but it comes through for me nicely for the tight shots if I'm paying attention.

    Helping the seedlings made me laugh! Aren't we pathetic!?! Love our babies!

  7. Alison you crack me up! I can see how that could happen and lemon I'm thinking of cake too! LOL I'm guessing they'll figure out how to grow it just before they figure out how to grow money on trees. ;-)