Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Community Garden Trellises

One of the coolest things about touring our local community gardens are all the great ideas people come up with when it comes to structures.  Its a living demonstration of what works and how well.
This is pretty much what our family garden looked like when I was a kid...ground level
This garden near my home is a good example.  Lets go take a look at what folks have come up with.
Wood and chicken wire.
Small twig trellis for Cucumbers
Wire cage for tomatoes
This was made by the gardener and one of my favorites as far as how good it looked
Rebar and concrete reinforcement grid with string.
Fancy and plain tomato cages
Tri-pod trellis with string.
Stakes and horizontal string...I'm liking this idea.
Bent steel rod and string. 

Time will tell how these structures will work.  I love the different styles everyone uses and will revisit them again in a month to see how things are going.  Stay tuned.

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  1. So many great ideas Patty- thanks! I also use a variety of methinds, and change them over time. This year I'm trying PVC pipe as a tomato frame- with a tripod-lik extra led for nbetter support. We'll see what happens.