Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gardens Still Hold Beauty

Have you gone searching for little bits of beauty in the garden as it begins it's Fall decline?  You should really.  It's amazing the things we can see when we look past the obvious.  I found a few delights in my own garden yesterday I wanted to share with you.  Come join me for a little tour.

Soapwart still beautiful and in full bloom
Future preserves abounding
Seedheads have color too
Swept back by the east winds and gorgeous!
Bits of color here and there
The Apple Rose that refuses to leave
A sweet flower peeking through the shrubs

Leaves beginning to blush with Fall
Fall sky framed perfectly
Grasses rustling in the Fall winds
Such cheerful hips this time of year
More blooms still promised
Quince fruit glows and entices
Spiders weave diamond strands
Sweetness at my feet
Frogs enjoying the Fall sunshine
Hops is still rockin the post
And that was only in the front yard....

I wonder what I will find in the back yard?
Happy Fall Everyone!

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