Friday, October 7, 2011

One Plus Two Equals Perfect; Seed Storage Solutions

Have you ever passed up a good thing without really thinking it through.  Well that is what I almost did just that.  A while back I did a product review on the Seed Keeper Deluxe seed storage system.

I really  liked the concept, found it to be well thought out and nicely designed over all.  But then I looked at my huge seed box and went "Naw...too small for me." and decided I it would make a better gift loaded up with some veggie and flower seeds and local gardening info.  Well, here's what happened before that happened.

I had been secretly plotting in my mind...

As I sauntered down the storage isle of a local department store a couple days ago, I just happened to see the very same containers the Seed Keeper Deluxe uses out of the corner of my eye sitting at eye level on the shelves like someone planted them there...and I wasn't looking for them either.  Not only were they the same size but they came in other sizes too.  Now I could build a whole custom system...WOW!  I squealed with delight as I had secretly been trying to dream up a way to integrate the Seed Keeper into my system and this discovery was about to make that happen.

Yup...that should do it.

I stood there fondling the containers in their various sizes, going over in my brain all the stuff I had stored in my huge seed box and trying to figure out how I could make work with the help a couple of these new containers.  I grabbed one of the same size as the one the Seed Keeper kit and decided it would work for the seed I save from my garden and task relates supplies.  Knowing I still had my seed sowing tools that needed a place to reside I grabbed the low profile version since it seemed it might work nicely for the other tools and tags.  Selections complete I trotted up to the cashier and plunked my booty on the counter.

Tidy equals a happy garden gal.

I was pretty pleased with my find and downloaded with some detail for the cashier, what the containers were for and how I was going to use them; I talk a lot when I get excited about something like this.  She smiled and gave me one of "those" looks, nodding and said "That's nice" and handed me my boxes and the receipt. my son says, "My mom is weird."  At least it's weird in a generous/funny/yes-I'm-addicted-to-gardening kind of way.  (I love you Sam.)

Bye bye bread box.

So after this experience I really think that if you are wanting a good seed storage system, the Seed Keeper Deluxe is a very good place to start.  If I wasn't such a compulsive seed buyer/saver one box would probably be enough, but its a good thing to know the system can grow right along with your garden and garden skills.

Happy Gardening!

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  1. Great post! Can I have the bread box now? :)

  2. Ok but the breadbox is a keeper still! make a planter out of it?