Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Winter Sown Seeds Update

So a few weeks ago I started some vegetable seeds in recycled milk jugs and butter tubs.  Winter sowing is one of those ways gardeners keep from going completely insane when its snowing outside and winter seems like it will never end.  Its a great way to get a nice early start on early season veggies too and save a bundle by growing your own.  I have instructions on how I use the milk jugs in my previous post.

So today it was a spring-like mid 50 degrees kind of day with high clouds and no wind...oh joy!  A perfect day to play outside in the garden.  Me I grabbed my camera to get these photos to share with you on the progress of my veggie babies.

Probably about 10 days to transplant
Endive germination is slower than I had expected.
Bok Choy getting its roots under it.
 These tubs have been outside all but one night when it dipped below 20 degrees.  They were placed on top of our freezer where its a bit warmer to get them to start germinating.  As soon as one seed sprouted, out they all went onto the front porch where they get the sun most all day.

Ruby and Green Streaks Mustard...oh yummy!
This is a little disappointing, nothing up yet. 
The other swiss chard variety doing good
These better grow.  They were pricey seeds.
Dependable collards are doing fabulously
And I found a fly to ID while I was shooting the pictures.
It won't be long and it will be time to sow the tomato seeds in these milk jugs...that is another blog post so stay tuned.

Happy Gardening!

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