Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Winter Sown update #2 They all sprouted!

Oh I am so happy I just had to show you!  I am twittering like a momma bird over her babies today.
The winter sown seeds I sowed a few weeks ago have all sprouted.  These were sown back on February 17th and it has been a cool and very wet March here so it took a bit more time than normal.  The little tubs have had no cover though I did have to bring them inside for one night because temps in the 20s.  Otherwise they have sat happily on the front porch just minding their own business and doin' their thing.

Usually a bit erratic to germinate, even the Parsley looks good 
This will make a lot of dinners
YIPEE!  Even those leeks I paid too much money for have sprouted!
I'm saved from the shame!  They sprouted!
Red Russian and Dwarf Scotch Kale is doing great.  I'll have some plants to share.
Endives are not doing as well yet as I had hoped...but there are a few babies.
Bok Choy and Brussel Sprouts lookin good! (yummy)
Florence Fennel just crashed through the soil surface and is growing really fast!  WOOT!
It's time to get busy and prepare their beds and thankfully our weather is not going to be as wet as it has been.  They grow fast at this stage and won't have the luxury of winter's pace from here on.  The thing I want to avoid is a lot of tangled roots so transplanting will be easier.

Oh by the way...my tomatoes are sown in their milk jugs too.  I'll be posting on those very soon!


  1. I'm so glad to see winter sowing worked for you! I used to winter sow a lot when I lived in Massachusetts, never brought unsprouted seeds inside, even when it got down below 0 degrees! As long as there are no seedlings, the containers will be fine outside.

  2. Good to know another winter sown fan and thank you for sharing how you use this method on your side of the US. I may just set mine outside today after hearing what you do.

    I have tended to want get my seeds sprouted quickly and because our winters are not as severe as other areas I have found I can get away with having them inside until I see the very first one pop up and then...out the door they go to the porch. After our sad tomato season last year (coolest summer on record) I'm a bit anxious so we'll see what happens. Maybe I'll get another jug going and do a test to see if there is any difference between them.