Friday, August 5, 2011

Gathering A Scarecrow

The other day I walked into a thrift shop to do some creative dreaming and was surprised to find so many things in one spot that I could use.

Bodice, hat and hands all at one store.

Antique tin light collars, a belt with a very cool buckle, sweet beads and pink lace.

It wasn't until today when I found this pink lace that the vision of this repurposed scarecrow really came into focus.  Then I found a whole roll of burlap!  I love burlap...

This will make a nice rustic statement with the lace.

Only a little bit more to find and she will be ready to great you.


  1. Patty, I can't wait to see how your scarecrow turns out! If it is really scary will it scare my blackberry vines away? If not...what will? Help!

  2. Probably won't scare those blackberry vines away but may scare the blues away. ;-)