Monday, October 31, 2011

Quick Gifts: DIY Seed Packets

DIY Seed Packet from scrapbook paper.

Do you need a quick inexpensive little gift idea for your gardening friends?  Here is a little seed packet that is super fast to make (under 5 minutes each), costs pennies and is easy enough for the kids to do too.

So many fun options for colors
You will need....
  • 12" x 12" scrap book paper (printed on one side and not card stock)
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Straight edge (needed if you cut your paper with scissors)
  • String, rustic twine, ribbon or raffia...sparkley, metallic, lacy, creative! (narrow is better for the ribbon or lace)
  • Craft glue...A small hand held roll-on adhesive dispenser worked best for this project, though you can use any good craft glue.  (Be careful not to over apply liquid glue or you risk glue seeping out from under the seams and having seeds getting stuck in it.)
  • 1/4" dowel or round pen/pencil
  • Waterproof marking pen (fine tip) in a coordinating color for writing the label.  Prisma Color, Copic or Sharpie markers all would work fine.
  • Computer (optional if you want to create labels to stick on in a creative font)
  • Coordinating paper for labels (Optional)

STEP 1 - Measure your sheet of paper first before you cut anything.  A lot of what are supposed to be 12" square sheets are a little bigger along one side (especially the less expensive sheets).  Trim off any excess now.

STEP 2 - Cut the paper into 6 - 2" wide strips...

2" x 4" paper pieces

STEP 3 - Cut these long strips into 3 - 4" long pieces (makes 18 - 2"x4" pieces).  These will become your seed packet tubes

STEP 4 - Next you want to label each piece of paper on the printed side. Do them all at the same time to save yourself time moving back and forth between steps. If you want to use a darker or really busy paper it may work best to add a label printed on complimentary colored paper or maybe try stamping and embossing the name in bright white so it is easy to read. 

Your computer can come in handy if you need make labels to add on later as it is often much faster creating a bunch of one kind of label in Word than it is writing a whole bunch of labels...and if you are like me and your handwriting isn't real beautiful...well you get the idea.

Seem glued tight and ready for #7
 STEP 5 - Roll each piece of paper around the dowel the long way.  This shapes the tube that will become the seed packet. them all at once.

Step 6 - Add glue along one 4" edge on the plain side of the paper and carefully roll the paper back into a tube so the glue will not be exposed. The corners should meet the top and bottom edges of the tube...this will make the seam straight in the back.  Also note the tube you are creating will be larger than the diameter of the pencil/dowel that you used.

Glue and pinch tight
Once you have it lined up press it lightly to seal, insert the dowel/pencil back into the tube and placing the seam between the dowel and the work surface, roll the dowel back and forth applying pressure on the seam to make it stick down tight.  You will have a pile of tubes with both ends open at this point.

Glue and fold to finish sealing the end

STEP 7 - Put a spot of glue on the inside edge bottom (right) end of the tube and press down to seal.  Apply to the bottom 1/2 inch of the closed end and fold the end up on itself and press down firmly to seal. 

NOTE: You can use the adhesive applicator but I recommend 3 in 1 glue or Tacky glue for this.  Just don't over apply the liquid only takes a tiny bit.  Be sure this end is firmly sealed before moving to the next step!

Just a couple smidgens of seed will be enough of this lettuce

STEP 8 - Now you get to add the seeds.  It can either be seed you saved or purchased.  I save seeds from my garden every year to give to others and today I'm using the Bijou Lettuce seed...a favorite in our kitchen garden here at Tinkerer's Paradise.

I am putting in 2 smidgens of lettuce seed in each packet...yes I have measuring spoons for such things.  The set I have costs around $4.00 and are really handy for measuring out seeds.  They are available online and in some kitchen shops.

STEP 9 - Carefully add glue to the open end and press to close.

Center the packet in the middle of the ribbon

STEP 10 - Add the final bit of glue and lay the ribbon 1/2" from the end and fold the end over top and press down firmly until securely glued down.  Tie the ribbon ends together.  I just used a simple knot but you could make a bow to prettify the little packet.

Simple knot tied at the top and you're done.

Here is the fun part!  How many ways can you think of to use these?   I came up with these in just a few minutes...
  • Purse/pocket presents...carry then with you so you can hand them out anytime or anywhere! 
  • Seed Tree party favors for a garden party or kids party.  
  • Gift embellishments added to the bow.
    Super stocking stuffers
  • Bundle a bunch together artistically and create a useable ornament for the tree...the list goes on and on.
  • New Years gifts for hopes for a bountiful new year.
  • Or how about a collection of seeds for your favorite salad greens and edible flowers for a salad garden kit.

Now its your turn.  Make them the same size or bigger, in whatever color of paper you want...its up to you.
Have fun and happy gifting!

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