Thursday, October 13, 2011

There's gno business like gnome business!

You know how those simple requests that are asked of friend sometimes turn out to be really cool blessings.  Well my good pal Gardening Jones blessed my socks off this week after I gave her permission to use my gnome photos in a project she was working on.

Gnomette waiting for makeup and hoping for a closeup

I had no idea they would become movie stars and then a link to my blog too!  Just having a good laugh was worth it but the link was sweet icing on the cake.  (Thanks GJ, we could all use more friends like you.)  Check our Gardening Jones little project here on YouTube "On Gardening Gnomes"  It is one of the better gnome exposes I have seen to date.

By the way, you can catch Gardening Jones on her blog and on Facebook along with me and a whole lot of other crazy-for-gardening types in the Gardenaholics Anonymous group.  The best group of gardening enablers on the planet. Not to mention they are mighty nice folks too.

Happy gardening!

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