Monday, April 18, 2011

Cat Rants

Just so you know I don't adore cats.  I like cats and I have even been fond of one or two that we have owned.  However, I also understand that they believe they are the ruling party wherever they decide to live and therein lies the problem.

You would think they own the place.
(Tater reclining on our couch)

Well it ain't happenin' Puddie Pie!  I am the queen!  They are lucky to get fed with the way they act sometimes, puking on furniture, waking me up at 3 am because they are feeling cuddly or howling because their food is not being served quickly enough.  It ain't workin for me Mr Kitty Pie; let me tell you, I can see right through your plan.

Boomer and his man servant...And he thinks I don't see what he's really up to.

I am the ruling queen and cats, well, they are mere beggars I allow to reside with us.  I consider them interlopers, beggars with fur, who believe we live here only to serve as their personal butler and which we do not (well I don't at least).  I guess they didn't get the memo prior to moving in.

Yeah right.  Like I believe a word of it you beggar cat.

To the cats: You think if you purr and meow my resolve will melt and I will fall for your game.  HA!  Guess again!  Its over!  No more!  I'm done!

Why am I ranting today?  I went out to the garden to check on my seedlings.  Now mind you  my garden is carefully covered with chicken wire, wood lattice section and snow fencing because our feline "friends" think it is their personal "throne" and I want to send a clear message to them that it is not!  It seems this year they are more determined than ever to disregard my message...I mean, just look what they have done!!  I'm going to have to put up a cage to keep them out I swear!

(they moved the sticks so they could do their business)
Yeah I just love the smell of cat urine while gardening.

We'll just see about that...THIS MEANS WAR!!!

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  1. Hi Patty,

    LOVE the photo of Tater lounging on the couch! Too funny...maybe there is a future in greeting card modeling?