Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oooh! Look what I found!

Sigh....its finally spring!
What better way to spend a couple of hours than to cruise the local plant nursery.  It was the perfect day for it so I grabbed the ol’ camera and shot out of the house as soon as I could get my shoes on.  The draw of the nurseries is tough to resist after all the snowy, rainy, frozen, gray days of winter.  Let me warn you though, those nurseries, they know we’re for spring days and color and pull out all the stops to bring us to our knees.

Starting in late February my car shifts into auto pilot and if I’m not paying attention will turn right into every nursery in route to where I should be going.  Okay, so I can’t resist, but the way I figure, why fight it.  I deserve a little beauty in my life after all that winter weather.  Don’t you agree?

Today as I walked in the front door and turned to say hello to the cashier when my eye caught a glimpse of these totally cute glasses.

So cute weeding glasses.

They have little flowers painted on the top corners of the frames.  I want a pair but darn if they won’t work for me.  I’m so near sighted I have to take my glasses off to read!  Oh well…that’s a craft project for another day if I want them in my prescription.

As I headed on out to cruise for plants I saw these and was sent into a state of giddy delight…they come in colors now!
Look Ma!  They come in more than pink now!

And I said that out loud…really loud.  Amazing how things that delight us make us loose all measure of decorum.  Now which color…hmmm.

To be honest a few years ago my dear husband threw out a pair of plastic pink flamingoes an elderly friend had gifted me with before she died and I have been bereft ever since.  He’s still in the doghouse over that one and if he wants out he is going to have to cough up a new pair of birds for me.  I’ll take a pair in bright blue please.  Maybe I should charge him for pain and suffering too.  What do you think?


  1. Those are some very colorful and classy flamingos!

  2. Yes they are indeed. I was thinking of finding some orphaned ones at garage sales and painting them myself but hey, this would save a lot of messing around and since my hubby "owes me"...lol

  3. I love shopping like that- thanks for the virtual experience, it saved me some money ;-)

  4. HEY! You can post comments now. I'm so happy GJ! Glad you enjoyed the virtual tour.