Thursday, April 28, 2011

Petunia, O Petunia

I think I’m in love and am so smitten I can barely stand it!

I can feel a flower fever brewing and I don’t think it’s going to go away.  The fever started last year when I spied Petunia ‘Phantom’ for the first time.

The Phantom that stole my heart
Wow...something cool and new!  I cooed and chortled at its black iris flower embellished by buttery bands shooting from its center with just a hint of purple shadow at their edges.  I was so totally twitter-pated!

No sooner had I caught my breath and there it was...Petunia “Black Cat”

The Black Cat that captured me
 It stopped me dead in my tracks. Purple so deep it looks like night and goodness-gracious-me-oh-my…it also looks like it is made of fine velvet.  (Swoon!)

The reason I know the fever is not going away any time soon…this morning I was at our local grocery/department store and this is what I spied in a hanging basket at the register…GREEEEEEN!!!!  (Did someone just squeal?)

I am completely undone by a green beauty!
Unfortunately the camera did not do justice to the true beauty of the electric spring green centers and softer green of the outer portion of these flowers.  I'm tellin' ya, it's a must in I must have this plant!  Someone please take my wallet before I spend my life savings on these flowers!!!

In honor of this latest flower fever I also began to write this song.  Sorry no YouTube video yet.  

“I did nor see it coming
I fell so helplessly
The moment I beheld you
You made a prisoner of me.
All the others that I fancied
No longer seemed so dear
For you beauty has bewitched me
And my eyes see only you.

Petunia O Petunia, I have fallen hard its true.
Petunia O Petunia, I am sick with love for you.”

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  1. When those came in last year (only 4 Phantoms and 2 black) at the garden center, my boss and i screamed like kids at Christmas time! we hid them in the file drawer and were giddy til we could buy them!! nothin like seein' the new petunia with another plant nerd!! This was also on the cover of Garden Gate as a "New" plant, and i was like "HA! I had it last year!" But i DID have to have it on my back deck, as a neighbor was threatening to take it at night!! HA! So glad you shared this Patty..and i am with ya.. i am smitten. can't wait to see this green beauty too..

  2. Yup, that Phantom petunia will be on my wish list this year!

    Love your song Patty! lol